Linda Edlund

Here's my story: I walked into the South Lake Art League one Friday during Open Studio, a few hours when members and non-members can work on art and socialize with others of like mind. Chede, the Member-in-Charge, encouraged me to try a class in Colored Pencils taught by Pat Lentine. Skeptical? Yes. I had used colored pencils years before. You remember Social Studies and those map worksheets, right? Chede pointed to a portrait on the wall and told me to take a close look. I did as told. Blown away? Absolutely! I had no idea that colored pencil art could b so gorgeous. I signed up for the next week's class.

I learned why the medium is a fine art. I start with my own photo (no plein air going on here), pastel paper, Prismacolor Pencils, and patience. (This is not an art form for the fast and furious.) Then I apply layer upon layer of pencil - lightly, lightly, again and again. The picture begins to glow from within from the many layers of myriad colors.

I was told it was relaxing. HA! At first it was painful. I wanted to press hard to get the colors darker, wearing the point of my pencil to a nub. No, No, NO! The pencil point must be kept sharp at all times. Whew. 

Now, after learning what it's all about, I get it. It is relaxing; almost meditation. Hours of it. An 8" x 10" picture takes 40 - 50 hours, minimum. I'm guessing. I keep trying to keep track, but then there's that meditation aspect as well as Roxy the dog staring me down to go outside and play ball, phone ringing, dinner to be made...

I am now enthralled by the medium. So, go to the buttons above and take a look!

‚ÄčSee why she gets that ball thrown? Roxy makes sure I don't sit too long.

Seriously dull.

Colored Pencils